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Around four million babies are born in the United States every year. At Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC, with locations in Lebanon, Branchburg, and two offices in Flemington, New Jersey, the team of leading OB/GYN provide comprehensive patient care throughout the pregnancy, from prenatal appointments to birth. Call your nearest office to schedule an appointment or book online today.

Birth and Delivery Q&A

What are your birth options?

You have two delivery options: a vaginal birth and a cesarean (C) section.

Vaginal birth

A vaginal birth involves using breathing and pushing techniques that force the baby through the birth canal. Remember to ask about pain relief; it varies by hospital, and you should know your options before you enter the delivery suite. You may be able to deliver in a water bath if your hospital offers it.


A c-section is a safer choice if your doctor has concerns about complications during birth. He or she makes an incision in your lower abdomen and lifts the baby out. You’re awake the whole time but numb from the waist down with a spinal block or epidural. You don’t feel a thing except for slight pressure and pulling sensations.

Discuss your delivery options with your OB/GYN before your delivery date, so you’re ready on the day.

Where can you deliver a baby?

There are several places you can give birth, depending on your risk factors.


Births are unpredictable. In a hospital, you have everything you need should you or your baby need emergency attention during the delivery. Your OB/GYN discusses with you the hospital policies around birthing, so you’re fully prepared for when you go into labor.

Birthing center

Birthing centers offer you more delivery options. However, your OB/GYN isn’t present; you have a midwife instead. You also may not have access to specialist medical equipment.


Many women who opt for a home birth have had several low-risk pregnancies already, so they know what to expect and what to do. Your OB/GYN isn’t present for a home birth, but a midwife may attend.

Your provider at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC, supports you through all your birthing and delivery decisions.

What makes a birth high risk?

Around 6-8% of pregnancies are high risk, which means you receive comprehensive, sometimes specialist prenatal care. Several factors deem a pregnancy as being high risk, including:

  • Complications during pregnancy
  • Carrying multiples – twins, triplets, or more
  • High blood pressure
  • History of pre-term birth
  • History of pre-eclampsia
  • Lifestyle choices
  • Maternal health problems, like diabetes or cancer
  • Mother’s age – 35 or older

You and your baby’s safety is the utmost priority to the providers at Advanced Obstetrics & Gynecology, LLC. If you’re pregnant, call to schedule an appointment, or book online today.